The 'Swiss Army Knife' of jackets is now available BauBax

The 'Swiss Army Knife' of jackets is now available

The BauBax, a multi-function jacket, that claims to have pockets and hidden gadgets that provide everything a business traveller needs, is Kickstarter’s most funded clothing project ever.

Christened the ‘Swiss-Army knife’ of jackets, the BauBax, is the brainchild of American husband-and-wife team, Hiral Sanghavi and Yoganshi Shah, who were used to travelling long distance for work and studies. Growing tired of her husbands’ lamentation that his clothes couldn’t contain his gadgets, Shah set about creating a jacket to solve his, and others’, problems.

CasualThe jacket comes in various styles, for men and women © BauBax

The result is the BauBax, a 15-in-1 garment that has pockets to house an iPad, smartphone, headphones, portable chargers to name bit a few. In addition, it has some rather more wacky features. From a detachable neck pillow, pull-out eye mask and well as hidden space in the zipper for a telescopic pen and stylus as well as a drinks holder that keeps your beverage hot or cold – yes really.

bb© BauBax

While the original prototype may not have looked anything special – essentially a soft bomber jacket with a hood, the niftiness of the idea impressed the tech savvy, business travelling community. It has since been covered by a numerous news outlets, as well as fashion sites such as GQ and HighSnobriety; as well as a huge online following – all before it’s on worldwide release.

Back in September, the Kickstarter campaign for the jacket ended, raising a total of $9.2 million for 45,000 people in 81 countries. This break all clothing-fund records and made it the fourth-most funded campaign ever. Not bad considering the original target was €20.000.

TWE-BauBax-06© BauBax

Available in variety of colours and styles (blazer, windbreaker, bomber and sweatshirt), the BauBax is appealing to variety of consumers: from students who live in active wear, smart businesspeople and frequent flyers to gadget-hungry adventurers and travellers. It is available to pre-order here and on worldwide sale from Sunday 1 November.

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