Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain (1952) Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain (1952)

Waterproof wardrobe for men: how to dress for the rain

It's officially rainy season. Survive the days ahead in style by waterproofing your wardrobe with our wet weather essentials...

The waterproof onesie might be the go-to rainy day cover up for the under 5s, but if you are a fully grown gent you need something with a little more style clout to keep you dry and dandy. Leave aside the clumsy wellies and garish PVC rainwear, and instead invest in a few key wardrobe rain-beaters that will have you ‘singin’ in the rain, with a smile on your face’ in no time.

A raincoat

There are four key players in the coat department and they are the trench, the mac, the lightweight hooded jacket and the hardy field jacket. Each will protect your every day wear underneath, be it on or off duty and with contemporary takes of each, your rain coat needn’t let down your style rating.

The trench coat

Silver screen legend Humphrey Bogart certainly knew how to rock a good trench coat, come rain or shine. The versatility of the trench is impeccable. Not only is it a timeless wet weather coat, but it is also an icon that will serve your wardrobe well, whatever the season. Camel or khaki shades offer a classic signature style while black or navy will give more of a contemporary fashion edge. When purchasing your trench, wear a suit, as this will help ensure the perfect snug fit. To style, simply pop your collar (it is designed to do this to keep you dry and warm) and belt up or let it hang – the choice is yours.

coats6octFrom left: Burberry London  long cotton-gabardine trench coat, Sandro double breasted cotton trench coat, Burberry London Mackintosh Storm System Trench Coat

The mac

A classic mackintosh is a worthy wet weather investment as its minimal simplicity is ideal for wearing to and from the office. There are no lapels, no epaulets and no belt – just a smart and sharp streamlined piece of outerwear to complement your business suit. Look for water resistant or repellent materials (hard wearing cotton gabardine is a popular choice as well as Gore-Tex and SypmaTex) waxed finishes, bonded seams, full lining and buttoned cuffs for a refined finish.

macsFrom left: Hugo Boss waterproof SympaTex jacket, Kingsman raincoat, Thom Brown cotton-garbadine raincoat.

The lightweight hooded jacket

As a more casual approach to fighting off the floods, a hooded jacket is ideal for everyday wear. There is no need for an umbrella. A hardy structured hood will keep your head dry and look stylish at the same time.lightweightjacketsFrom left: Acne Studios hooded quilted shell jacker, Burberry Brit Brettson shell field jacket, Folk hooded cotton blend shell jacket

The field jacket
For those weekends in the country or dog walks on Hampstead Heath, a durable field style jacket is ideal. Hard wearing traditional waxed cotton, utilitarian style pockets and a flattering slim fit give these jackets their stylish and versatile winning charm for rain sodden outdoor-adventures.

fieldjacketsFrom left: Belstaff Roadmaster waxed-cotton jacket, Hunter waxed-cotton utility jacket, Private White waxed cotton jacket

An umbrella

A good umbrella is a necessity and you get what you pay for. It is not only the rain you are at war with here, but gusts of wind also, so it is important to chose a sturdy style and one that is easy to open and close. GustBuster is a brand worth investing in, as they promise their umbrellas to be “unflippable, unflappable and unleakable”, having been wind-tunnel-tested up to 55 miles per hour. A golf umbrella may feel a little imposing as you jostle with the city crowds, but it is certainly the number one choice for offering an all body rain free environment. Burberry is the style seekers option.

umbrellasFrom left: London Undercover, GustBuster, Burberry

Water resistant shoes

There aren’t many gents who will slip on a pair of wellies for the weekday commute, but your lovely leather Oxfords will also not weather the storm, so alternative footwear is required. For a simple approach, but not the most robust and waterproof, wear shoes with rubber soles. Leather will be slippy and ruin in no time. As an alternative to the traditional Wellington boot though, Hunter and Tretorn both have some pretty wearable rubber shoes and boots including Hunter’s Chelsea boots and Derby boots and Tretorn’s field boots. Waterproof chukka boots are also a good option.BootsFrom top: HunterBullseye Derby Boots:, Tretorn: GäRde Stövel Vinter Boot, Hunter Chelsea Boot.