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Sweat like a pro: high-tech gym gear

Calling all fitness fanatics and gym junkies... Are you wearing the right gear to boost your performance and your style?

Admittedly the treadmill is not a catwalk, but that doesn’t mean you should throw on an old baggy tee and a pair of ripped shorts. Wearing the right gear to work out in will not only help maximize your physical output, but you will also feel better about yourself and your session. Here are LUXOS’ style tips to help maximize your efficiency and style at the gym...

A sweat-wicking T-shirt

The first item to consider is your T-shirt. While you might not want to drop £50 on a T-shirt that only your gym buddies will see, it will be worth every penny. There are many workout specific T-shirts on the market and you want to look for breathable, sweat-wicking and lightweight fabrics that are light to wear and dry easily. Don’t go too skin tight or too baggy either. Nike’s signature Dri-FIT fabric is ideal, designed specifically to keep sweat away from your body, leaving you cool and comfortable, while Iffley Road’s lightweight piqué fabric helps regulates temperature and moisture.

topsFrom left: Nike Running Dri-Fit Cool Tailwind T-Shirt, Nike Running Dri-FIT T-shirt, Iffley Road Cambrian Striped Dri-Release Running T-Shirt

The right shorts

If your shorts are grazing your thighs or hanging low by your calves it is certainly time to bid them farewell and purchase some mid length shorts that sit just above the knee. Too short and you could reveal more than you bargained for when attacking your squats and too long, and well you might as well be in fitted track pants. Ultra light mesh shorts are a popular choice, but nylon and jersey are equally as versatile.

Compression wear is also a hot topic at the water cooler with many men opting to wear compression shorts under their regular shorts to help compress muscles and tendons to reduce the risk of muscle damage while exercising. 2XU have a pair of shorts with compression shorts built in, but they can be bought separately. A pair of tailored sweat pants will be a welcome addition to your work out wardrobe, and can also be worn off duty if you are the kind of guy who hangs with the style set.

shortsFrom left: Patagonia Nine Trails Stretch-Shell Shorts, Nike Training - Pro-Combat Core Compression Training Shorts, Nike Running Dri-FIT Performance Shorts, 2XU Pace Compression Running Shorts, Y-3 Tapered Cotton-Jersey Sweatpants.


Just because you own a pair of running shoes, don’t think these are the right shoes for your gym workout. Training and running are two very different things and you need to have the footwear to suit both disciplines. For the gym, you want something woven, lighter and with good support if you are lifting weights.

A good all-round cross trainer for gym workouts is the Asics Gel-Craze TR 2. High impact running is covered with great cushioning, there is stability for lifting weights and the outer sole promotes side-to-side movement ideal for functional training and boot camp style activities. A technical basketball shoe, such as the Nike Kobe Elite, is also a good option for the gym as again it is more sophisticated and supportive. It is also wise to have your feet assessed to help choose the exact shoe for you and your training needs, to help prevent ankle or lower leg injuries.

shoesFrom top: Asics Gel-Craze TR2, Kobe X Elite, Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0


A long sleeved T-shirt is a worthwhile investment for the winter months, as well as a waterproof rain jacket, especially if you also workout outdoors. Many guys like to start off their gym session wearing a warm-up jacket, but a simple hoodie will do the job and double up as a casual addition to your weekend wardrobe.

The techy stuff

This is where the fun really starts. Every man needs a sports watch right? For interval training and that accelerometer integrated GPS of course! All jokes aside, for the workout beast, a sports watch is a good addition. A fitness tracker is also an optional extra, which will help you keep track of the calories you are burning and keep an eye on your heart rate. The FitBit Surge is the tracker of the moment.

Good earphones are also key to a good workout, and the ultimate must-haves, the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, with wireless technology, superb sound quality, in-ear heart rate monitoring and a fab companion app. An armband for your phone is also crucial for hardcore workouts.

Last of all, if you really want to get your style right, ditch the freebie nylon gym bag or supermarket plastic carrier, and treat yourself to a stylish versatile back pack.

tech-backpackFrom left: Belkin Armband for iPhone, Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, Fitbit Surge, Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire Sports Watch, Burberry Shoes & Accessories Leather-Trimmed Shell Backpack