Jeremy Scott's inspiration revealed in new documentary © PAPER + TUMBLR/Facebook

Jeremy Scott's inspiration revealed in new documentary

In 'Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer', the Moschino and Adidas designer heads home to small-town Missouri, where his journey to fashion super-stardom began.

There comes a point in a many a designer’s life when the time comes to take-stock of achievement and retrace their steps to success. Possibly, this is the benchmark to which all aspiring designers reach, to be able to look back instead of forward and shine a light on those all-important moments that helped you along the way. For Jeremy Scott, that time is now. On 18th September ‘Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer’ will be on worldwide release. Charting his journey from Missouri to Milan, featuring interviews with his friends and family and looking inside the mind of high fashion’s latest enfant terrible.

It’s been a landmark year for Scott: 2015 saw him design Katy Perry’s costumes for the Super Bowl, his sales for the Italian brand Moschino increased ten-fold and he is now a glorified friend-of-the-stars, counting Rihanna, Rita Ora, Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus among his close-knit circle. Rapper ASAP Rocky describes him as ‘able to bridge the gap between ghetto and high-fashion’; indeed his ability to mix fashion with pop-culture fun has not been seen since the 1980’s and has gained him widespread appeal across the world.

The film is an insight in the mind of fashion in the 21st century and, Scott says "hopefully more people will get to know me and love me, as a person and not just as an entity.’

'Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer' is released on 18th September.

See below for the trailer: