Boglioli Fall-Winter 2015/16 menswear collection

Boglioli's Fall-Winter 2015/16 menswear collection marries classic tailoring with a modern silhouette.

Dressing well is a way of life in Italy. Unlike in other countries, where suits are reserved only for the office, in land of la dolce vita a well fitting jacket, pressed trousers and a crisp shirt are considered casual weekend attire for a typical Italian man.


Boglioli, the family-owned tailoring company that has thrived for over a century, perfectly exemplifies this Italian dedication to sartorial perfection. They are widely regarded as one of the best off-the-rack makers of unstructured jackets in the world and they were the first company to treat a tailored garment with a more sportswear approach. In 2014 the company introduced Jay Vosoghi as the brand’s new design director who was tasked with taking this core item and expanding into a full collection of men’s apparel.


In January of this year Boglioli unveiled its Fall-Winter 2015 menswear collection during Milan Fashion Week. The collection draws on its time honoured traditions in tailoring, while further modernising the silhouette and notable fit of its designs. Jackets for the season are shorter and shoulders are precisely fitted, whilst trousers feature a higher waist.

The collection is inspired by the humbled elegance of Milan in the 1960’s and 70’s. The colour palette features greys and camels as their contrasting with shades of teal and coral as well as rich browns.


A wide range of fabrics and production techniques have been used in this collection. Checked fabrics feature new washes. A maxi variation of houndstooth gives strength to the linear coat. Tweed and British traditional wools are taken beyond their traditional bounds with bombers and overalls cut with tailoring know-how. Jay Vosoghi has not disappointed with this collection, which marries classic tailoring with a modern and sophisticated silhouette.

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