'Destino', a short film by Maria Sole Tognazzi for Borbonese

A dreamy film featuring a woman in quest of creativity and feminine beauty. 

Borbonese has released an immaginative short film by Italian director Maria Sole Tognazzi for their brand.

The short celebrates the untapped creative spirit and potential of every woman for the fashion brand's film 'Destino'. The film's protagonist, played by the lovely Elettra Wiedemann, lives in a world that seems to be suspended somewhere between dream and reality. The narrative follows Wiedemann as she wanders through the beautiful surroundings of a Tuscan town, in search of something that she is later able to uncover.

The short work concludes with a quote from A. Schopenhauer:
“Life and dreams are pages in the same book. To read them in order is to live, to read them at random is to dream”.