Kiton opens in Las Vegas

Kiton is an important Italian garments company based on classical men's tailoring, founded in Naples in 1968. Its historical and cultural approach is based on its considerable heritage of crafts skill, with 400 tailors working on all phases of garment production. The company is therefore on a plane above ephemeral changes in current fashion, though nonetheless it is constantly engaged in introducing refinements in its products, such as touches of colour and new materials.
Already present in New York, Kiton has consolidated its presence in America with a boutique that has recently been opened - January 2010 - in Las Vegas. It is located in the brand new City Center, alongside Crystals, an area that is becoming an important district for luxury shopping. The store has the same vertical architecture of the City Center itself, with very modern design. Its floor area reaches 300 square metres, while the boutique has the impressive height of ten metres. There are 6 shop windows and 2 entrances, one of which is on the Strip.
The interiors feature discreet and sophisticated design, colours and materials: ebony furnishings with detailing in bright steel and surfaces in crystal glass, enhancing the Kiton men's and women's collections. The store has a VIP room and a lounge area, and customers can utilise a concierge service.
At present, the Spring-Summer 2010 collections are on display. For men, these include 13.5 micron wool suits, lightweight jackets in cashmere and linen, just 360 grams, shirts made in exclusive, luxury textiles, and very light knitwear garments in cashmere and silk. For women, there are light silk dresses, flowing trousers, lightweight blouses, cocktail dresses in silk cady, miniskirts and shorts, and, Kiton's pivotal garment for this season, a silk satin blazer in the new "pearl" colour. In addition, there is a sophisticated range of men's and women's accessories, such as Kiton ties, Kiton jeans, Sartorio by Kiton and other classic ranges.
The Group's expansion in the United States, where it has been present for almost thirty years, will continue with an important shop in shop in San Francisco.

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