Emporio Armani Eyewear Collection 2010

The new 2010 models feature a retro & modern appeal.

The new Emporio Armani eyewear collection for 2010 shifts between a retro style for the women's models and a more modern inspiration for the men's proposals. The new sunglasses and optical frames truly speak for themselves with their new design content, clean and linear shapes and original colours, leaving an unmistakable style.

The women's collection includes metal sunglasses and optical frames characterised by their round shape and slender profiles. It perfectly expresses a minimal though original and highly personal style underscored by bright colours.

The men's sunglasses feature a definite modern spirit found in their rectangular or geometric lines made of metal. They are personalised by fine elements of style, such as coloured enamel finishing details or tiny pins on the profiles. In addition, the metal eagle motif appears on the temples and is subdued and refined.

The men's optical frames attract attention with their original design content at the temples and interesting colour combinations.

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