Top 5 labels leading the luxury brand-wagon

What you didn't know about luxury brands

While Apple and Google top the list for best global brands, there is a roster of fashion luxury brands not far behind. Luxury labels are now entering the ‘The Age of You' thanks to digital marketing, which offers prospective buyers personal personalisation, immersive experiences, self expression and customisation. Here are the top 5 labels that are leading the luxury brand-wagon.


Brand Value: $5,977 million

2014 Highlights

The label has been constantly in the news thanks to Prada’s costumes and luggage for Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel campaign, multiple restoration initiatives in Italy, and the latest acquisition of a tannery in France.


Louis Vuitton 

Brand Value: $22,552 million

2014 Highlights

Louis Vuitton makes waves with its Frank Gehry-designed LV Foundation; the 160th anniversary of the LV Monogram; and Louis Vuitton’s new Luggage Personalistion Service for Men.



Brand Value: $10,385 million

2014 Highlights

There rarely is a missed opportunity on the glamour front with Gucci, what with its first foray into the cosmetics sector featuring a new Gucci cosmetics line which debuted this year, with Charlotte Casiraghi, Blake Lively and James Franco fronting the brand, as well as the successful exhibits at Gucci Museo, and the Chime App release on International Women’s Day.


Brand Value: $8,977 million

2014 Highlights

Finally Hermes called it quits with fellow French brand LVMH, where the latter relinquished its sizeable control over the label. Ushering in a new era with its Birkins and Kellys, Hermes launched its first ever digital tie-app, futuristic writing instrument debut, and also a virtual store dedicated to scarves.


Brand Value: $7,449 million

2014 Highlights

Cartier made an impression with its record-breaking bids on its royal and iconic jewels. 2014 also marks the 100th anniversary of the panther, and a new beginning where Cartier has decided to focus on its luxury watches and eyewear.