The new Chanel No. 5 campaign unveiled

Gisels puts her surfing skills to good use in Chanel's new ad campaign

Chanel yesterday released a teaser from its new Chanel No. 5 campaign, titled “The One That I Want.”

Today the full-length video will be released in its entirety and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is the star.

Directed by filmmaker Baz Luhrmann, who previously shot Nicole Kidman for Chanel’s advertising film in 2004, the 15-second teaser featured Victoria’s Secret model in a beautiful Chanel surfing wetsuit carrying a double-C-emblazoned surfboard. In the next moment, she's wearing in a gold-sequined dress (from the 2015 Cruise collection) running through the streets and disappearing down a dark alley in New York City.

The film will be unveiled online today, while two shorter cuts, 30 and 60 seconds long, respectively, will start running on TV for the holidays. In it, Bündchen believes her husband has left her, only to find he’s actually left a note for her telling her she’s “the only one that I want”. The two reunite at a nightclub where Lo-Fang is playing a jazzy interpretation of the “Grease” original song.

Print advertising will run in December fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines.