So many promises in one pair of sunglasses

Looking for a pair of sunglasses that can promise a frame as strong as a Formula 1 car’s chassis? 

And guaranteed craftsmanship similar to that of an Italian sports car? And the exclusivity of one dedicated to a flagship model?

Then, look no further.

Ferrari have just launched LaFerrari sunglasses; an exclusive limited edition accessory with a carbon fibre frame with kevlar interior. The new capsule is dedicated none other than to ‘LaFerrari’, the special limited edition car.

With its stems customised with a titanium plaque, each pair has an exclusive laser inscription of the LaFerrari silhouette and logo. The aviator-shaped shades feature Zeiss grey coloured polarlux lenses and come in a black semi-rigid regenerated genuine leather case, together with a red lacquered wooden display box.

The LaFerrari sunglasses comes with a price-tag of $2,236.