Karl Lagerfeld and his cat Karl Lagerfeld and his cat Benjamin Kanarek

Karl Lagerfeld is launching his very own newspaper centred on his favourite topic

.....Himself and his cat

Karl Lagerfeld continues his plight for world domination and has announced his plans to distribute his very own newspaper this month.

Appropriately titled The Karl Daily, the publication will feature articles about Lagerfeld’s workaholic tendencies as well as news on his various product lines.

A comic strip, streetstyle photos, and a list of hot spots will also be incorporated into the pages, accompanied by fictional personal ads and Lagerfeld’s pet cat serving as guest editor and reporter.

It’s everything you would expect from Chanel’s creative director.

The newspaper’s official release will be September 20, and unfortunately will only be available in seven European cities where the designer operates his freestanding stores for his signature brand.

No doubt, circulation will grow in the following weeks, with The Karl Daily available in select stores, hotels and other trendy locations.