Gucci launches real eye-catchers for autumn 2014 The Fashionisto

Gucci launches real eye-catchers for autumn 2014

Italian luxury fashion label Gucci has unveiled an exclusive collection of sneakers for autumn this year

If you like eye-grabbing attention-seeking footwear then you will love its vibrant and joyful neon colours.

The collection is, of course, a limited edition, and features three, brilliant neon hues: highlighter yellow, acid green and vivid orange for men while the women’s range comes with same yellow and orange, replacing green with a hot pink.

Each sneaker is designed in soft leather, embellished with the brand logo.

Unlike many sneakers available on the market, many of which feature bulky hardware, concealed wedges or high tops, Gucci has chosen a sleek and simple design.

Gucci’s three colour variations will surely brighten up the grey days of winter and bring some light into our daily routine. The sneakers are available for purchase at The cost of a women’s pair is 495 euro (about 650 dollars) while a men’s pair cost 550 euro (approximately 725 dollars).