A tote that comes with 5 of the best things women desire Jam Love

A tote that comes with 5 of the best things women desire

What women want from a tote

Typically, like most women, your handbag’s innards are probably rife with everything but the kitchen sink. While men may never be able to understand how on earth we get to this point, or even want to, thanks to a survey conducted online by VeryFirstTo, commissioned by Jam Love, we have been able to find out the top 10 things that women keep in their handbags: Smart Phone, Wallet/Purse, Tablet, Camera, Glasses/Sunglasses, Perfume, Cosmetics, Pen, Business Card Holder and MP3 Player.

While stuffing your handbag and not being able to find anything without fumbling, go hand-in-hand, this is where Jam Love’s Shibaura Travel Tote comes as a lifesaver.

The newly launched handbag brand Jam Love has created the Ultimate Handbag - the Shibaura Travel Tote, which also comes complete with the top 5 most desired items, and includes a Vertu Signature Touch phone; Burberry Contrast Leather Ziparound wallet; iPad Air; Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III camera and Gucci sunglasses.

Made from the finest vegetable tanned leather and heritage waxed canvas, the bag is perfect for everyday use as well as travelling. Featuring separate compartments for a phone, purse and keys, the best part is that it even has leather sleeves to secure your laptop or tablet.

The tote gets its name from the Shibaura-Futo near Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay.

The Jam Love Shibaura Travel Tote is available in a variety of colours including Jam & Toast, Apricot, Blueberry, Chocolate Gingerbread and Black Truffle.

The bag is available on its own for £450 ($773/ €569); and with the iconic items for £10,325 ($17,695/ €13,076).