Hogans turns biker chic for autumn 2014

It's time to get a new stereotype when it comes to leather

Easy luxury, ideal for any occasion: this is the Hogan approach, but in the fall/winter 2014-15 season, a collection styled in cooperation with British designer Simon Holloway, there is truly something for everyone, from the most romantic souls to the toughest biker-inspired people.

For women, there are the light, evanescent dresses featuring the colourful prints by British artist Julie Verhoeven, which at first glance look floral but on closer examination can be seen as comprising screwdrivers, bolts and spanners. The inspiration remains that of climbing onto a motorbike and riding off to destinations unknown, and some of the looks in the women's collection feature chunky black leather jackets with fur-trimmed collars, perfect with the black knee-high boots that are a dramatically attractive feature.

The same sort of dichotomy can be seen in the men's collection, in which even the most classical looks for the office or evening are accompanied by a dashing silk scarf worn under the collar. The collection once again bears the hallmark of Holloway, and it combines the smart and stylish design typical of late 1960s dandy London with the no-nonsense world of bikers. Slippers with chunky soles are a wonderful idea, worthy of a Dada artist. Sneakers have always been part of Hogan's DNA, and they set the tone for the outfit: this season, the models feature details in velvet and zig-zagging leather trim.

Altogether, Hogan's collection offers something for all tastes, whether you feel closer to art and romance, or to leather, rubber and steel. You'll have fun choosing.