Are you man enough to carry off Fendi's new collection?

Fendi's new Peekaboo bag breaks taboos that might deem it effeminate

It’s no secret that the Fendi Peekaboo has been a sensation amongst women.

But this next piece of news could come as a surprise- the fashion house has just launched the Peekaboo bag for Men, which was unveiled in the Fendi Fall/ Winter 14-15 fashion show collection.

The Peekaboo for Men embodies two identities at once - this luxurious rendition for men is bigger than the woman’s version and has the bag’s lock hidden by the leather for a more linear and clean appearance, breaking any taboos that might deem it effeminate.

Crafted in precious Selleria leather, the Peekaboo is featured in more masculine colours including grey, blue and black. The bag comes either with a fun touch of the Bag Bug’s eyes or with an even more precious and luxurious version in black croc, both of which, are available with a more functional longer strap.