Jimmy Choo launches inner sanctum once open only to industry insiders and editors

Shoppers can play fashion editor and pre-order items from its collection

Luxury footwear and accessories brand Jimmy Choo is allowing consumers to be the first to discover its autumn/winter 2014 collection via a virtual showroom, where they can play fashion editor and pre-order items from the collection.

The buyers’ showroom is normally an 'inner sanctum' open only to industry insiders and editors, but now Jimmy Choo fans have a chance to see and shop the new collection first.

The “shop the collection” button allows consumers to enter and browse autumn/winter items. This page also includes the campaign video, which shows model Catherine McNeil walking around a modern glass house wearing a variety of shoes and handbags.

On the click-through from a “shop the showroom” link, consumers are taken to a microsite created by UK virtual retail start up Avenue Imperial, its first foray into the fashion world. The tech company builds digital replicas of in-store environments, where shoppers feel they are visiting a boutique in person. When the page loads, consumers can follow the instructions on how to navigate the room. Hotspots marked on the floor with circles allow users to select a section of the room to examine more closely. The plus or minus sign button in the window is used to zoom in or out.

Once standing directly in front of a group of accessories, the consumer can click on a particular shoe or bag to pull up a larger image and product information in a pop-up. They can then choose to continue to the product page to make a purchase or use arrows to browse through the entire collection. The consumer can also share screenshots of their view with friends by clicking a “share” button. 

Some items are available for purchase, while others are preorders, with an expected delivery date as early as July.