Hermes new spin on fashion displays attracts crowds in Barcelona

Hermès creative new display window in Paseo de Gracià, Barcelona is getting more than a passing glance

Hermès uber creative new window display depicting the “den” of a fox is not necessarily the main attraction. It's unique because everything you see has been crafted entirely from paper. 

The fox itself, which is created from strips of coloured leather, is sitting on a stool in a living room surrounded by floral pattered walls, beautifully crafted furniture and accessories.


Each item, made by hand using blue and orange paper, gives a glimpse into the fox’s quirks and personality. What’s more the fox looks you straight in the eye as you pass. 

Throughout the display Hermès accessories such as ties, scarves and shoes are strategically placed. However, the detailed and realistic paper-craft is no doubt the stealing focus of the window display.