Belstaff, 1960s racers and rockers Photo by Sonia Di Bari

Belstaff, 1960s racers and rockers

A brand that loves the style of motorbikes, fighter planes, aviation and leather, perfectly expressed in the spring/summer 2015 collection.

Belstaff is a legend for biker wear, and for the spring/summer 2015 collection it has combined its heritage with some seasonal touches, such as lots of vintage badges, pins and studs, paisley Bandanas, fly-weight shirt jackets and neck scarves.

An interesting feature of the products is that they often have a patina of age even when brand new, such as the apparently oil-soiled labels, and the scuffed boots. The collection has some references to seasonal trends, such as perforated fabrics used in boots, mustard-yellow in jackets and other accessories, the backpack, working garments translated into fashion, in this case the one-piece aviator suit, and the liberal use of brand-identifying labels.

It’s raunchy, no-nonsense, rock and roll fashion. It will appeal to anyone who loves the sound of a Norton or a Harley and who looks back to the Rolling Stones of the early days with a touch of nostalgia.