Pal Zileri, new textiles, new colours

In the spring/summer 2015 collection by Pal Zileri, there is lots of the brand's signature blue, and much more besides.

The inspiration for the collection is 'The Talented Mr Ripley' and his travels in southern Italy, to the bright, sunwashed colours of Ischia and Capri. This corresponds neatly to the brand's best seller, the Viaggiatore jacket, which this year features a new check pattern, made in cooperation with the specialist Italian textile manufacturer Fratelli Tallia di Delfino. It is water-resistant, transpirant and uncreasable, so it can be taken out of a suitcase and put on, looking as good as new.

Colours for the spring/summer 2015 season include Pal Zileri's customary range of blues, but with many more lighter hues of this colour, and a whole range of earth tones from mud to sand, antique pink, pale indigo and wisteria, with yellow highlights. Design highlights include higher and wider lapels, new period-feel fabrics and new checks, raincoats with removable collar and removable straps that can be used to adjust the waistline.

The Venetian Doge jacket features buttons that are replicas of antique gold coins minted by the Most Serene Republic. A superb raincoat in 100% silk treated for water-proofness is incredibly light and so ideal for those spring days of sudden showers.

Along with the formalwear, the collection includes casual garments based on bomber jackets and other short jackets, with slim-fit trousers. In addition, these relaxed looks also feature striped trousers, cotton knitwear, and a lovely tunic shirt inspired by Morocco. These garments are often in the lightest colours, whites and beiges, expressing north African and Mediterranean warmth.

Pal Zileri confirms its sartorial skills, with 100% Italian-made textiles and 100% Italian artisanal processes – for example, to make a jacket in the tailored Sartorial line, 230 operations are involved. The brand has never taken short cuts, and thankfully it is continuing to maintain this policy, itself an expression of luxury.