Versace celebrates athleticism and antiquity at Milan men's fashion week

There was a hint of pink added to the mix at Versace's toga-party inspired runway.

For its summer 2015 runway show, Versace seemed to draw the most inspiration from summer itself. Relaxed white suits, palm-shaped embellishments and towels slung over shoulders all called to mind the beauty of a day at the beach. Cuban influence could be seen in the muted pinks and blues that were sprinkled throughout the collection, and a Roman touch showed itself in the toga-like swimwear and gladiator sandals. Roomy bungalow bags and netting rounded out the collection's vacation feel.

A celebration of the brand itself, the show also featured Versace's classic symbolism throughout. Models wore medusa head medallions and carried the brand's dinner plates as accessories. The venue embellished with columns, gold medusas and rope that channelled a nautical feel, the show created the feel of a luxury getaway—all designed and put together by Versace of course.