Gucci sets sail with its men’s spring/summer 2015 collection

Gucci focused on a nautical theme for their Spring/Summer '15 collection.


There were quite a lot of blacks and whites and well as stripes and, periodically, blue and red. Outerwear and accessories continued the sailor-inspired look with fitted, double breasted styles and oversized bags. Emphasized cuffs on jackets give the look of sailors' stripes. In the middle of the show, blue and red pieces began appearing, often with red trousers or blue coats. White, however, is still a large presence in the collection.

Near the end of the show, sleek black clothes gain an appearance in blazers and trousers, and white blazers soon follow. Several reviews of this collection have mentioned it as a "safe" collection for Gucci, which usually focuses more on sex appeal but this season produced stereotypically preppy nautical pieces, complete with emblazoned anchors on the blazers.