High-heeled shoes that are a pleasure to walk in Silvia Fado

High-heeled shoes that are a pleasure to walk in

Say goodbye to the term 'no pain no gain'!

"The principal functions of footwear are often sacrificed in Fashion," says footwear designer Silvia Fado.

Indeed she has brought sports footwear fundamentals, function and wearability, to high-end fashion - “very important elements for design features that must interact with the body and be usable by the wearer."

Fado's range of flexible designs feature different kinds of heels, different mechanisms including springs, hydraulics, metal rings, rubbers balls and materials such as acrylic, steel and wood such as African hardwoods, Colombian verawood and English walnut, that help absorb impact and improve the wearability of high heels.

Fado claims to have studied impact absorption, shoe weight, traction and durability and worked with an architect and a photographer to closely study the movement and structure of the shoes. The leather uppers, featured in variety of colours, were created using traditional shoe-making techniques.



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