Sandal with fougère climbing vines made from rhinestone pavé Sandal with fougère climbing vines made from rhinestone pavé

The Sergio Rossi S/S14 collection - a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours

The new Sergio Rossi collection, the talk of the town

The Sergio Rossi SS14 Collection comprises an exquisite array of strappy sandals and eye-catching pumps and is based on two themes inspired by the aesthetics of the 1970's: the natural world with its rich variety of elements and seeing the world through a kaleidoscope, creating incredible shapes and reflections.

Natural elements include the use of bamboo in sculptural sandals, contrasted with metallic details, or giraffe and zebra print gladiator-style sandal boots made from stingray leather. The kaleidoscopic collection comprises a combination of animal prints that create illusions, such as soutage embellishments or abstract camo patchwork in pony skin leather, inspired by a famous work by Giò Ponti. The collection’s use of vibrant and eclectic colours further evoke looking through a kaleidoscope, effects that are similar to those of Russian painter Sergei Poliakoff or the blend of patterns reminiscent of interior designer David Hicks.

Light is played upon through reflection, using them in geometric shapes in 3D jacquard macro-print suede sandals. The season's pyramid- shaped stilettos also blend curved lines and stark geometric shapes using contrast to create harmony and balance.

Last but not least, the collection’s top piece is a sandal with fougère climbing vines made from rhinestone pavé that surrounds the entire ankle, and is suspended without any support; the maxium expression of the house’s expertise and craftsmanship.