Hogan joins other Luxury brands with Instagram marketing campaign #Hoganseenby

Hogan teams up with French supermodel, Constance Jablonski, for latest collection.

Italian footwear brand Hogan is the latest luxury label to utilise Instagram to market its new collection of H222 sneakers.  With the help of French supermodel Constance Jablonski, the colourful treds have been unveiled in a variety of locations across the globe.  

Hogan’s elegant yet quirky shoes have long been a staple in any travellers’ suitcase and their latest collection does little to dim their unconventional style.  Leaving glossy ad campaigns for the legs and up, the model tracks her adventures, posting pictures and videos of the shoes as the accompany her from meeting to casting, plane to poolside.  Green Water H222s are seen in lagoon of Venice, Mirrored Gold whizzes around New York, and the classic nautical clash of white and blue makes an appearance at Constance’s poolside retreat in St Barths.  This week the journey continues in Paris, London and Hong Kong. 


With 93% of luxury brands now on Instagram the competition to be noticed is increasing.  Effective marketing, combining original ideas and familiar faces, is the head-start many brands need to gain followers and hashtags. The one hundred thousand followers of the #Hoganseenby campaign has gained in two weeks are also a clear indication that sponsored content on social media is becoming acceptable, and even encouraged.  





The Hogan campaign follows in the footsteps of other luxury brands who are turning to mainstream portals to create a heavy brand awareness and following.  Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Burberry have already boasted followers in their millions due to the devoted customers who regularly subscribe to their posts.  Luxury brands also have a clear advantage in the visual market, with their design focused; high quality videos and innovative content they can create a lifestyle and lessen the ‘advertisement’ feel of their posts. 

For more information visit  http://www.hogan.com/hoganseenby/