Christian Louboutin unveils his very first Wedding Suite in Mumbai

Tailor-made wedding services for the Indian bride

Iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin has unveiled his very first Wedding Suite in Mumbai, India, offering tailor-made wedding services for the Indian bride.

Brides-to-be can match or even replicate their sari’s embroidery on their footwear or handbag. The service offers them a choice of colour, fabric, heel height, even embellishment to suit their explicit requirements, catering to their wildest whims.

Operating exclusively from a new ‘Wedding Suite’, located on the first floor of Louboutin’s Horniman Circle boutique in Mumbai, the Wedding Suite offers special services to the bride.

Once she has chosen her dream soles, Christian Louboutin can also personalise the pair according to the Indian bride’s choice, like adding a solitaire or a rare gemstone to the design, if need be.

Another bespoke concept offered is the Tattoo Made-to-Measure service, born from the designer’s love for the art of tattooing. Here, the couple can choose a tattoo design to be incorporated on the shoes, or get the partner’s initials added or even a henna-inspired design.

With such meticulous needlework by artisans in Chennai and the shoes made in Paris, it takes about two to three months for the wedding footwear to be delivered.

It's well worth the wait!