New range of footwear in carbon fibre Oliver Sweeney

New range of footwear in carbon fibre

Shoes inspired from materials used in one of the world's leading sports car

It seems that carbon fibre has become the latest fad in the fashion industry, just think carbon fibre portable music players and wrist watches.

If you add carbon fibre driving shoes to the list, then read on!

At first it may sound rather absurd, but it was actually inspired by British sports and luxury car manufacturer Jaguar and one of the best looking sports car on the market today, the Jaguar F-type.

Jaguar recently announced the launch of a new range of footwear, which has been designed and created in collaboration with shoemaker Oliver Sweeney.

The British Jaguar Advanced Design Director Julian Thomson teamed up with Oliver Sweeney’s Cobbler-In-Chief, Tim Cooper, at the shoemaker’s London studio to create the new range which was inspired from materials used in the F-Type including carbon fibre.

Rather than using real carbon fibre, the shoes are made of leather with carbon fibre print. The footwear collection also comprises a range of sandwich nubuck leather shoes in red, navy and black, which have been derived from the interior of the F-Type sports car.

Each style was designed using the shoemaker's Anatomical Last technology, a device which mimics as closely as possible the natural contours of the foot. The range includes options for both men and women.