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Gucci bets on technology

Gucci ad campaign features world's most prolific DJ's

Gucci is betting big on technology and in celebration of its latest short film ‘The Fringe’, it has unveiled a special social media campaign which includes the world’s most creative and top rating female DJs – Harley Viera-Newton, JaKissa Taylor-Semple a.k.a. D.J.Kiss, Pixie Geldof, Leah Weller, Chelsea Leyland, The Misshapes, and Mademoiselle Julia.

The campaign was shot in New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris, where each DJ is featured with Gucci’s signature Spring/Summer 2014 Bamboo fringe bags, which draws its inspired from an archival flap shoulder bag from the late 1940s.

In addition to the campaign, the six DJs have curated special playlists for the brand’s new presence on Gucci’s new Spotify hub. The music streaming channel, launched on March 11, allows users to explore, listen and share the tracks on various social media networks. Interestingly, the streaming service tends to point to a younger, and more fashion-conscious audience for this campaign.