Introducing the bullet-proof suit

Introducing the bullet-proof suit

Bullet-proof with extras

For those of you who sometimes need to wear a bullet-proof vest for security reasons, which, of course, completely ruins the look of a very expensive suit on top, there’s finally a way to get round that.

You can look sharp AND be safe with the protection of a bullet-proof jacket.

It’s the world’s most expensive custom-made suit, coined the ‘Diamond Armor’, and priced at 3.2 million dollars.

However, there are a few added extras thrown in as well. An impeccable combination of luxury, art and technology, thanks to Suitart, a company based out of Zurich, the suit is not only bullet-proof  (certified by NATO standards) but also waterproof (due to nano-technological sealing) and even has an air-conditioning system developed by EMPA built into it.

The integrated technology can be activated at the push of a button and offers cooling through humidification of water. The suit is also graced with 880 black diamonds decorating the buttons and the lapel. The suit can also be accessorised with a 24 carat golden silk tie developed by fabric specialist Weisbrod from Zurich and EMPA and Carl F. Bucherer limited edition watch.