Polo Ralph Lauren and the Soft Ricky

Timeless and contemporary, the new Ralph Lauren classic is cool and alluring, as chic as its namesake, the Ricky.

The Ricky bag, named after Ralph Lauren's wife and muse, is a superb designer bag, one of those rare pieces that rises above the trends and becomes a timeless classic. With its fantastic colours and ornate design, it is instantly recognizable. The Soft Ricky bag has the same practical structured interiors and the meticulous detailing as its predecessor, the Ricky, but it is a little more casual, with the engaging crumple effect attained by a firm base and a degree of softness in the luxurious soft calf leather.

Soft Ricky Bag

The impeccable Ralph Lauren design is accompanied by superb craftsmanship. Like many Ralph Lauren bags, the Soft Ricky Bag is manufactured by hand in Italy, using only the finest materials. Handles are made from butter-soft leather for comfort, then stiffened with wax cord and reinforced by additional stitching for strength. The interior, feet and straps are stitched with vibrant-coloured waxed cotton stitching to protect it from damage. It is made from calfskin bonded to nappa leather in a contrasting colour, and shaped on carved wood moulds to obtain its distinctive lines. Each piece can take up to 12 hours to make.


Every component is cut by hand and then stamped with the Ralph Lauren logo, guaranteeing the authenticity of the product. Hardware includes a silver-toned Cooper lock, with two keys and a pochette. The iconic lock-and-key design is custom-made in Italy.

The range of 25 available colours provides a vast choice, from metallic, to classics, and including some contemporary vibrants such as lime, purple, yellow and electric blue. Whichever you choose, it is ideal for the summer season, when the crossbody shoulder strap and its looks provide an easy blend of style and relaxation, ideal for use during the day and into the evening. Everything is underscored by the unmistakable Ralph Lauren look and feel.

In the photo below, the original Ricky.

sp 2 alligator ricky 33 white

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