Cara Delevingne & Fendi

All eyes were on Fendi During Women's Fashion Week in Milan

Cara Delevingne has made only a handful of runway appearances so far this fashion month. In London she featured in the Giles show, where she filmed herself on the catwalk; Burberry, where she led the models on the runway; and a unique presentation at Claridge's of her new Mulberry handbags.

If you’ve travelled to Milan in the hope of seeing more of her on the runway, you will be disappointed. You’ll be likely to see more of her at the fashion parties as Fendi signed an exclusive deal with her, meaning she would walk in their show, and their show only.

All eyes were on the show on Thursday 20 February as Fendi and Google teamed up to create a new catwalk experience by installing cameras on drones, powered by Parrot, which flew over the runway, as it broadcast its autumn show live.

Users will be able to replay the video on demand with the “Drone Cam” footage. Content, including the exclusive “making of” video of the project, will also be available in the days after the show.