What's your sign?

Charlotte Olympia's new range of accessories

Following on from her previous success with the Western Cosmic collection and Cosmia Western Zodiac heels, Charlotte Olympia brings a whole lot of fun into her collection with the release of a new range that celebrate the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

Colourful and comprising twelve pairs of suede loafers and matching Pandora bags, each is embellished with gold-plated, Swarovski Crystal zodiac symbols and trimmed with red Chinese silk cords.

Just in case you are not well versed in Chinese astrology, each style comes with its very own Charlotte Olympia horoscope book, so you unlock the secrets about what your animal says about you. Whether you are a perfectionist and a rooster, like the designer herself, or 2014 is your lucky year – the Year of the Horse, or you have great personal style like the Snake, this collection is incredibly fun while, still, remaining classic.