Blandine, a new Italian classic

The new Zanellato bag for spring 2014

The Postina bag is a remarkable Italian success story, created by Franco Zanellato and featuring the postman's bag closure. For spring-summer 2014, Zanellato has found new inspiration in his personal memories. The name of the new Blandine bag comes from his grandmother Blandina, while the bag itself is a tribute to the sea. All the designs in the Blandine series feature a wave motif, whether in relief, or printed in the silk versions. The closure is identical to that of Postina, with the classic double plate that enables the bag to contain lots of stuff, or even more stuff.

The bags all feature Zanellato's customary crafts expertise, with superbly-tanned leather, structured interiors, a practical cross-body shoulder strap, and the flat studs providing a powerful visual motif. The colour palette is spectacular. The Blandine range includes, alongside the versions for women, some models for men, with subtle design differences indicating the difference, though this probably won't lessen the risk of the bag being borrowed by your soul mate...

As often happens, success breeds imitation, and even though the Postina is an internationally-patented design, there are many lesser copies. Zanellato has introduced another feature that helps certify the quality and originality of the real thing. One of the studs on each bag is engraved, using the guiloché technique, with a postmark that was dedicated to the brand by the Italian Postal Service in 2011. A practical feature that becomes an important element in style.