Cesare Paciotti: tribute to Michael Jackson


Cesare Paciotti has developed a special “Jacko” shoe to commemorate of the most famous pop-star of all time: Michael Jackson. The star is immortalised through his music but also his glittering personal style. Paciotti uses Swarovski crystals on black suede in a highly dramatic, unique creation that is stellar as was the man himself.

The Men's casual shoe collection by Paciotti for Autumn/Winter 2010 is all about understatement and personal expression. Simple, authentic materials and finish result in a collection that is both shiny and rough, cool, yet timeless. It is perfect for the man who doesn’t need to define himself through his clothing and accesories, but uses them to express his own personal unique style.

Finally with a nod to the 1980s, Paciotti offers a few styles that use soft or shiny leathers, edgy details and unexpected contrasts to reveal a certain eccentricity, sense of humour, strength and harmony all combined in a winter collection that is both cool, controlled and chaotic.

Further info: www.cesare-paciotti.com

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