Winter Fashions Take Flight with Flutterby by Alberto Guardiani

This winter season don’t miss this new collection of heels by Alberto Guardiani. The holidays always bring a packed party schedule full of Christmas and New Year parties, and this season, stand out with these distinctive heels.

These can’t-miss pumps are made with brushed calfskin polished in either carbon black or burgundy. Each pump has the distinctive butterfly wing heel that defines the collection. Each Flutterby heel is embellished with small Swarovski crystals hand-applied to the heel, silver for the black pump, ruby-red for the burgundy pump.

For a touch of British class, try the snakeskin shoe, done in a black and white pied-de-poule, and embellished with the unique Flutterby heel. These shoes also come as sandals for those willing to defy the elements.

This item is a must-have for the upcoming winter season, a sensual and playful heel that fits any party scene and makes a woman truly take flight.

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