LUXOS exclusive with Galerí­a Loewe

Galerí­a Loewe provides a fascinating glimpse inside the brand and its superb leather products



As every girl knows, when in Spain, shopping for leather goods is a must, and for this there is a name that represents a guarantee: Loewe. Since 1846 the Spanish label has been enchanting everyone from royals to A-list stars, one handbag at a time. But what is it about Loewe that makes their products oh-so irresistible? The best place to discover just what it is that makes this brand so unique is Galería Loewe in Barcelona. Stroll down the lovely Paseo de Gracia, past Gaudí’s masterpieces and a range of top-brand boutiques, and you will find the Loewe Galería at number 91.

Inside, you’ll discover a temple dedicated to tradition and excellence, a location that guides you through time, enabling you to learn about the iconic pieces and secrets of the trade that have defined Loewe’s history.

See, feel and savour the rich fragrance of Loewe’s legendary leathers at the ‘leather tree’, including their prized napa. Loewe’s napa is the quintessential material of luxury, carefully sourced from a particular breed of sheep living in the Pyrenees. Once it reaches Loewe’s workshops it is rigorously screened, treated and dyed to achieve that butter-soft texture in those vibrant colours that are intrinsic to the brand’s DNA.

My favourite part of the Galería? Definitely the section dedicated to the Amazona bag – a hallmark since 1975. I am fascinated by the display which presents the various components of the bag, along with a hologram of a craftsman at work, and an interesting version of Gaudí’s sand-bag model for the Sagrada Familia, in which the Amazona takes the place of the Basilica. And as you stare at the wall of Amazona bags, remember that the more intense the colour, the better the quality of the leather.

However the brand’s products do not end just there. The Galería showcases some historic, iconic products that dazzled celebrities, from Ava Gardner to Penélope Cruz and Ernest Hemingway. You can also enjoy some of their most evanescent window displays, with their silk scarves in dancing colours, and a photographic gallery illustrating some of Loewe’s famous admirers.

In short, the Galería shows you how the exquisite leathers and quality hardware used to make Loewe bags are assembled, as if in an analysis of luxury: it also provides an indication of how fine products made the transition from fashion accessories to trend-setting objects, constant companions in everyday life.

After your visit, if you would like to purchase a souvenir, just make your way to number 35 of Paseo de Gracia and discover Loewe’s latest collection.

Galería Loewe

Paseo de Gracia 91 08008 Barcelona, Spain

+34 93 2000 920