Girl's best friend

Still today, a little black dress' goes a long way in every lady's wardrobe



When it comes to the little black dress, or LBD as it is affectionately known, who could ever forget Miss Holly Golightly in her exquisite Givenchy smock? Sexy and sophisticated, what makes it unforgettable is that even today you’d wear it in a heartbeat! A trusted LBD is the perfect item for any occasion. It is your miracle worker, a reliable answer to all your questions of style. Follow our rules of thumb on how to pick the perfect LBD…

Firstly, you’re looking for something to wear for any occasion and season, so steer away from the trends and opt for something with a more classic feel. As far as the cut of the dress goes, we strongly advise keeping things simple yet elegant, just as Mr. Armani always says, and who each season delights with lovely additions to the world of LBDs. A-Line dresses, sheath dresses, drop-waist dresses (so long as they are not too 1920s) are ideal cuts guaranteed to stay in style season after season. Dior creates classic ‘strapless’ versions for a more contemporary appeal, in luscious silk, tulle with leather appliqués, or entirely in leather for a more daring look.

Another important point is the colour. Black is black. Not navy, brown, grey or ‘almost black.’ Today, you will find all sorts of variations offered by different fabrics, which, though all black, have very different textures and feels. From organza to silk, linen to cotton, wool to velvet, the options are endless… Take MaxMara for example, who this season proposes an exquisite selection of dresses in a wealth of fabrics that will make you want to take the whole lot!

Lastly, versatility… Again, in this case Miss Golightly set the standards on how to pull off an A-list look for any occasion. Daytime engagement? No worries, opt for a hat, oversized shades and crocodile shoes. You can easily envision this once you see Escada’s options for the season. Evening appointment? Heels and dazzling jewels! Add a touch of metal and opt for Burberry’s sleek designs, simple yet all the more elegant with a touch of gold or silver around the neck. Another item you can pick is a pair of Burberry animal print kitten wedges.

Everyone wants to own at least one LBD that is perfect for them. Once you've found it, it'll last a lifetime.