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Redefining everyday luxury for the next generation, Exemplaire has set out to perfect the art of cashmere and leather

As the newest luxury cashmere and leather goods brand to hit the Parisian market for men, Exemplaire is the brainchild of Jean-Victor Meyers, heir to L’Oréal, and Louis Leboiteux, his longtime friend and business partner. Having developed a taste for luxury over a quarter of a century, these two have tapped into exactly what today’s younger luxury consumers want: high quality products, classic yet trendy shapes, and that exclusive X factor.

“Everything came from our taste for fashion, modern cuts and beautiful materials,” explain Jean-Victor and Louis.

After discovering that globally, two percent of high net worth men are under 31 and forty percent are under the age of 41, the pair decided they had found their niche, and set out to fill it with perfectly crafted, luscious cashmere sweater and leather accessories. Tired of seeing the same shapes and styles in the cashmere sweaters of the traditional category leaders, Jean-Victor and Louis created a collection based on their own desires – impeccable cuts, sober colours and modern details.

“I think the new luxury is about being very sober and discreet and not showing off.” (Jean-Victor Meyers)

Their high standard for excellence has driven them to the ends of the earth for the finest chinchilla and cashmere, including Mongolia, India and Tibet. Their French roots have led them to keep the brand as 'Made in France' as possible, while leathers are still produced by the finest Italian craftsmen.

Far from traditional, Jean-Victor and Louis aim to redefine the everyday interpretation of luxury by imbuing it with opulence and the perfection of a lush cashmere sweater.

“Ultimately it’s our generation’s idea of luxury.” (Jean-Victor Meyers)

Reflecting the personal styles of its founders, Exemplaire is unostentatious yet luxe, fashion-conscious yet timeless. Targeted at the man who knows true style and cultivates it with care, Exemplaire’s knits and leather goods are ideal companions for the international luxury globetrotter.

From the leather travel case containing the perfect cashmere eye mask and blanket for those overnight flights, to their meticulously thought-out travel wallets, each piece is refined, carefully researched and thoughtfully designed.

Acclaimed as the luxury brand to watch by both the fashion crowd and international buyers, Exemplaire plans for expansion in the form of a mono-brand boutique in Paris next spring. In the meantime, the brand is available in Paris at Montaigne Market, Colette, in Biarritz at Duchatel, and in the U.S.A. at Barneys.

“Simple yet luxurious.
Sober yet meticulous.
Traditional yet contemporary.
Elegant yet casual.”