All hail Louis Quatorze

Inside the luxury leathersmith that made a tour of the world before landing back at its Parisian roots



In the heart of le Marais, inside a beautiful hotel particulier from the 17th century, the luxury leather brand Louis Quatorze has made its way back home. After many years absent from France, and based in far away Korea, French clients can now rejoice that these artisans are back in Paris. With a meteoric growth and expansion in Asia, this brand was born from a men’s accessories collection, whose founder remained surrounded by privacy and discretion.

Founded in 1980 by Paul Parrate, who came from a long line of leather smiths originally at the Palace of Versailles, this French handbag maker soon made his way into the Asian market. True visionaries, they entered a market in which French savoir-faire and tradition are highly admired, and in no time they became the top luxury handbag sellers alongside Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Their expansion in Korea – where the brand’s Asian operations are based – Japan, China and Singapore have made these classical leather designers a reference point in European luxury abroad.

Their adventurous and international spirit was present from the beginning, with their first advertising campaign inspired by the Orient Express, showing their link between a classical French spirit and a contemporary vision of luxury. With two collections each season, one designed in France and one in Korea, they remain faithful to their brand identity while also satisfying the tastes of two very different audiences.

After years of absence in France, Louis Quatorze is back home, with a collection of handbags and accessories fit for royalty as each piece is named after famous princesses, court ministers, jewels or Versaillesque sweets. The rich colours for fall and winter, from sapphire blue to burgundy and chocolate, and their luxurious materials like crocodile skin, leather and other precious materials, come from France and Italy and are sure to win the adoration of their new Parisian clientele.

Louis Quatorze is not just about selling luxury handbags, as the whole shopping experience in their Marais flagship boutique is remarkable. “Our boutique retains the Versaillesque concept, but with a contemporary touch,” says boutique manager Florian Dezegher.

With its contemporary and playful decoration, where chairs are lacking legs, and curiosity cabinets display accessories as if they were collectibles, we have the impression of being inside the fantasy world of a Versailles decorator.

Louis Quatorze boutique
106 Rue Vieille du Temple
Tel. +33 (0)1 4272 9443