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Missoni summer 2013 women's collection

Subtle, evanescent, powerful, creative, bright, deep and colourful. If you can see shades of yourself in this description, you'll love the Missoni summer 2013 collection, which is all this and much more. You'll set the summer alight with these outfits, in which the classic Missoni motifs of zig-zag and colour are interpreted in a whole range of different ways, from minimalistic colour blocking to massive enlargements of geometrical patterns.

The depth comes from the complexity of the fabrics, layered organza, lacy knits, appliqué patterns, and three-dimensionalized prints. Knitwear garments are powerfully structured, with extra levels provided by swathes of sequins. As you walk, the spectacularly responsive fabrics sway with your every move, creating a scintillating kaleidoscope of colour. Areas of semi-transparency contrast with the discreet, understated shapes of the day dresses, interacting with the tone of your own skin.

As the day moves into evening, you can choose from some spectacular looks, in which the colour contrasts have an almost fluorescent intensity that magnetically attract the gaze of all those present. Bright colour is patterned and parcelled like tropical butterfly wings, protected by jackets in suede and knit lace. The Missoni little black dress becomes a complex colour composition, with the skin creating an infinity variety of tone through the perforated fabrics. You and the garment become absolutely unique.

Take a look at Missoni this summer. Visit the nearest boutique, and you'll discover a collection whose depth of colour and design offers a magnificent choice. Evoking the beauty of nature in all its complexity.