Zig-zag safari Featured

Missoni summer 2013 men's collection

Warm, sandy colours, super-comfortable garments in which you can walk and walk, whether in the city or in the great outdoors. The Missoni summer 2013 men's collection places you squarely at the heart of nature, with an overall safari feel from top to toe, including the desert boots and small shoulder bags or woven totes. They're garments that are easy to wear and make you feel fantastic, absolutely at home wherever you are, with distinctive detail touches that give you your own unique appearance. Such as a spectacular jacket with a turquoise lining, flickering like a neon as you walk. Or the ethnic beading on chunky natural-wool colour cardigans and jerseys.

Even coordinated suits become relaxed and casual, in luxuriant soft fabric, worn over soft knitwear tops with the classic meandering multicolour lines. Bermuda shorts are given extra interest by hemline details such as dangling thongs or a contrasting patterned material on the turn-up.

The fashion show presents complete looks, but Missoni's collection for men is fantastic because you could select, for example, one of the beautiful jackets and wear it with almost anything. Infinitely wearable, perfectly coordinating because of the complexity of the microscopic colour combinations, and the versatility of that ubiquitous zig-zag. And look out for your sister/partner/wife: the garments and accessories will appeal to her as well, such as the lovely knitwear tops and totes.

The Missoni creativity is endless, with a whole series of variations on their classic zig-zag motif, that make you wonder not only "how did they think of that?" but also "how did they make it?" The way in which the geometrical motifs become an integral part of garment construction highlights their superb crafts skill. It's a beautiful collection guys, don't miss it!