Jean Paul Gaultier at 6 rue Vivienne Featured

Inside the very first Parisian address of the iconic French fashion house, Jean Paul Gaultier

Paris, the global capital of fashion, glamour, and romance, wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the iconic fashion designers who have made it so. Jean Paul Gaultier, known as 'l’enfant terrible de la mode,' has kept up with Paris’s allure as the international epicentre of style.

For nearly 40 years, Gaultier has been creating high fashion that plays on pop culture, ignoring any traditional aesthetic restrictions of the bourgeoisie. Over the years, Gaultier has created iconic styles like Madonna’s cone bra from her 1990 Blond Ambition tour, and his brand’s signature mariner stripes. But even before the famous cone bra, Gaultier chose a luxurious Parisian address as the headquarters of his brand, a space that still today embodies all that is Gaultier.

In 1986, Jean Paul Gaultier’s very first atelier and boutique were established at 6 rue Vivienne in the second arrondissement. located within the Galerie Vivienne, a classified historical monument and winding covered passageway brimming with restaurants and specialty shops. Today, this space is the home of the designer’s haute-couture archives and stunning two-storey boutique.

Stocking the entire men and women’s ready-to-wear collections, including accessories, perfume, and make-up, the boutique was created by famous designer Philippe Starck. The Lucite and crystal racks serve as perfect displays for the carefully arranged collections, allowing the bold colours of Gaultier’s designs to contrast against the clean white space. The high ceilings and mirrored walls draw the eye in and up, towards the grand staircase, which leads to the second floor.

From the second floor, shoppers have a private view onto the beautiful Galerie Vivienne, and the private dressing area. At the Vivienne store, Gaultier offers personal shopping services including tailoring and private appointment bookings at the couture showroom located in the third arrondissement. Should you prefer to view the latest ready-to-wear or couture collection in the privacy of your hotel room, the boutique staff will happily arrange a private trunk show.

Jean Paul Gaultier
6 Rue Vivienne, 75002
Tel. +33 1 4286 0505