The Lightness of Being Featured

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" - the new man emerges triumphant this season in the softest style imaginable

Masculinity is a universal language spoken with a million different accents around the globe. The world of men's fashion reflects this diversity where every man defines his looks not only by what he wears, but how he wears it. This season, the only way to wear anything is light, slim and carefree.

Brioni, the Italian maison famous for its jacket, redefines this most important piece of formalwear. The 'capospalla' has been reinterpreted as the season's new 'Jardigan,' crafted in fine wool crepe. Simple, clean and unlined, it is easy-going like a cardigan, yet sophisticated like a jacket. Pick a beautiful colour such as coral, and you are ready to ride into the sunset. Equally carefree and even more elegant is the Piuma jacket. Imagine dressing in the lightest, finest silks without the weight of a heavy blazer, the new Piuma jacket comes with two buttons and deconstructed shoulder and lapel. Polos, capris, knitwear - Brioni offers a travel-friendly and business-perfect wardrobe this spring/summer with functionality. From waterproofness to reversability, you can be a self-made man with a style all your own.

The new Burberry Tailoring service makes a stylish suit as easy as one, two, three. Enjoy a new experience in store with Burberry's tailoring specialist, who takes you through the collection available in three silhouettes: slim, modern and classic. Iconic patterns like Prince of Wales, herringbone, houndstooth and pinstripe have never looked so chic in the slim fit. Not only can you can choose from over 40 beautiful fabrics, you can also pick up your new suit within 48 hours, or have it delivered to your office. Designed in the UK and hand-finished in Italy, Burberry Tailoring offers the best of both worlds for the man on-the-run.

Inspired by silk's unique airiness, fluidity and sensuality, Ermenegildo Zegna has created something truly unique with one of the most beloved fabrics of summer. ZegnaSilk is produced and coloured exclusively in Italy with featherweight 10-micron yarns. The result is the epitome of silk: incredibly glossy, tactile and versatile. Wide-lapeled jackets, slim trousers, printed polo shirts and beautiful pocket squares are crafted with this star fabric for a truly mix and matchable collection.

Pastel jackets, gingham-lined blazers, mosaic shirts… Pal Zileri's spring/summer 2013 collection sounds like Italian art, each piece painted in the lightest greys, blues, lavenders and pinks. Formalwear has never been so sensual. Let your imagination fly with the lightest and most luxurious materials such as wool-linen-mohair and wool-silk-linen blends. And when it's time to let your guards down, strechy, waterproof and trendy are the keywords for casualwear. The collection is a superlative in lightness, comfort and sophistication.

Ford. Tom Ford. The international man of design's eponymous label is as cool as the Secret Agent 007 this season with brilliant colours and a lot of style. Worn by Daniel Craig in the motion picture 'Skyfall,' the O'Connor suit has an enthusiastic following ever since its debut. And no wonder, a few of Tom Ford's favourite things are featured in this ultra slim and single breasted suit: sky-high peak lapel, colourful pocket square and skinny shirt with French cuffs. Luxurious fabrics such as wool linen silk, silk canvas and silk hemp hopsack exalt daring colours. Ivory and pale blue, antique rose and lilac, lavender and misty pink, the O'Connor suit is as exuberant as it is weightless.

While a top-to-toe transformation might be too drastic, introduce a new style into your wardrobe one piece at a time. The lining-less jacket, the capri trouser or chinos, an exuberant pocket square, a bright cardigan... Dressing light and right is easier than you think.