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Don't shy away from florals!



Only the truly self-confident or devoutly sartorialist man dares to wear floral imprinted attire these days. Flicking through a copy of Patricia Rieff Anawalt’s ‘The Worldwide History of Dress’ (Thames & Hudson) you will notice that throughout the centuries, and until relatively recently, (with an embarrassing and eminently forgettable peak from the mid 1970’s to 1980’s!) men have often dressed in richly patterned clothing following nature’s example; a male peacock is after all infinitely more pleasing to look at than his female counterpart!

So don’t shy away from florals! This season the best luxury designers have interpreted this manly motif each in their own unique way, and there is something for the most flamboyant of you, as well as the very, very conservative of you!

Trust Bottega Veneta to get it right with low-key colours and classic silhouettes. Just the hint of a floral pattern, subtly distinct on powdery beige cardigans and slim fit trousers as well as a shirt that plays with a darker though still delicate palette of greys.

Or you can go the DSquared route and punch up an otherwise black and white combo with stand-alone detailing in denim: flowers in lieu of a tie for a thoroughly contemporary edge.

Gucci and Lanvin take a more vibrant and colourful approach to floral; Gucci punches it up in oranges and reds against a bright white background for a sleek and chic summer look for trousers and easy jackets while Lanvin presents a lively turquoise flocked flower pattern against a black background in a t-shirt and matching trousers. (Below, Gucci).

Below, Lanvin:

Paul Smith is a designer who in the last few decades has turned men’s fashion on its head and managed to add a playful and creative streak to classic silhouettes and brought a new elegance to the fore. Trust this British designer’s unique eye and combine a deep navy double-breasted jacket with a floral button down shirt: absolutely no tie; the pattern of the shirt does all the talking that needs to be done!

Established in faraway 1932, Canali is an historic Italian label and today the brand lends their sartorial know how and experience to tailor indubitably modern and cosmopolitan styles that maintain that delicate balance between timeless and trendy elegance. For spring summer this year Canali presents florals for the evening: a luxurious silk jacquard cocktail jacket with a retro feel in sumptuously regal yellow.

Whether your taste veers towards the unexpected and daring or towards more staid and understated, you cannot go wrong with floral patterns this season; and remember, flowers were never meant women only!