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Ports 1961 is a brand with a half-century of history that has evolved unusually, taking what could be considered the reverse path from most in the field, by first developing its trendy fashion line then turning its focus to luxury wear. Founded in 1961 in Canada, it was one of the very first brands to have the foresight to establish itself in China in the early 1990s and developed an extraordinary distribution network there, long before anyone else. In 2011, in yet another intuitive move, the luxury brand relocated its design studios and showroom to a villa in the heart of Milan, Europe’s fashion capital, primarily to be closer to the home of some of the world’s finest high-end textile manufacturers and expert tailoring know-how available in the world today. This strategy has proven to be winning, as Ports 1961 is looking at double-digit growth figures.

Ports 1961 is led by Creative Director Fiona Cibani, who grew up in Vancouver, where at a very young age she developed a passionate interest in fashion and an eye for detail at her family’s boutique. She went on to fine-tune her talent at Parsons in New York and it was while attending the prestigious design school that she heard of an opening at Ports and began working there under the artistic direction of Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared fame.
Ms. Cibani, as an on-the-go entrepreneur, mother and wife, understands more than most fashion designers what it means to be a woman today and thankfully pours all that precious knowledge into her feminine but strong designs that have conquered aficionados all over the world. As she herself has said, “Women are busier, more powerful and influential in social, business and political fields which used to be dominated by men,” and fashion is standing up and paying attention!
The show-stopping designs for the evening are breathtakingly simple and speak of style as much as they do of comfort. Sentient of the importance of freedom of movement for contemporary women, Cibani’s creations do not merely flatter thanks to a meticulous construction; the outstanding textiles they are tailored in ensure that a woman is always at ease in addition to complementing her form. The silhouettes stand off the body, and are never too tight or blousy achieving a perfectly proportioned balance.

It is no wonder that “Ports 1961” is being whispered from ear to ear, by stylish London women who now know where to go for that special, stunning dress that will turn heads for all the right reasons!

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