The Italian Job Featured

A thoroughly Milanese brand that has captured the attention of discerning gentlemen all over the world



Boggi, the Italian menswear label that was established in 1939, has been the go-to brand for Italian executives in the know since 1964, when the doors of its first boutique opened in Milan. Today, Boggi is a global contender with boutiques in every corner of the earth, from Europe to the Middle East to East Asia.

The brand’s roots are firmly planted in tradition, and for decades was known for its impeccably-cut suits in classic materials as well as a selection of extremely refined ties that appealed to businessmen with a sense of conservative yet quintessentially Italian style. Suits and ties continue to be Boggi bestsellers, thanks not only to their elegant designs but because superior quality is at the heart of the company's mission.

Today, Boggi has drawn on the wealth of their experience and expanded their range to include easy formal wear that is innovative yet eminently tasteful and chic. The contemporary collection works at 360°, and celebrates the essence of today’s man who values traditional tailoring and quality as well as on-trend fashion with a timeless stylistic code, so that he will always be at ease in his second skin.