One stop shopping in the centre of Milan.



Even the most dedicated fashionistas and style mavens get tired of walking in and out of boutiques, trying to remember if “…that blouse would go well with this belt and that other pair of jeans would match perfectly with this shirt"

Brian&Barry has taken the concept of a multi-brand boutique to the next level thanks to a selection of more than 100 eminently hip yet stylish and elegant brands. The labels are carefully chosen to reflect the Brian&Barry ethos and therein lies the secret of their success; it is impossible not to find something you’ll love in any one of their 23 boutiques that dot the Italian peninsula.

In 2011, the new Milan flagship store opened and not only is it perfectly fashion forward, it has embraced the most avant-garde technology thanks to a partnership with Samsung. Together they created the largest videowall (composed of 17 consecutive LED screens) in Europe that face one of the most important and vibrant shopping areas of the city. It is not merely a billboard for Brian&Barry but a showcase for the work of new artists and a place where schools and children will be able to express their ideas, in short an interactive communication tool for the community that will undoubtedly enrich and enliven Milan’s Piazza San Babila.

Brian&Barry opened their first boutique almost three decades ago, and the labels chosen have consistently captured the evolving taste and lifestyles of its discerning clients, simplifying their shopping experience and ensuring that stepping into a Brian&Barry boutique will never be less than a memorable experience!