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Peter Langner's atelier creates wedding dresses of once-in-a-lifetime perfection



Even the most fiercely independent-minded woman, who eschews tradition, social mores and the Cinderella myth, has definite feelings about her wedding dress. Regardless of whether a bride chooses miles of silk to envelop herself in or whether she goes for a short retro number in vintage polyester, 'that' dress has a special connotation for all women. No one’s going to show up to her own wedding in a “oh I just threw this on, found it on the bottom of my cupboard” outfit. The Wedding Dress is one of those pieces that speaks to the core of a woman, her hopes, dreams and aspirations; it can represent who she would like to be as well as who she is.

Peter Langner is a man who is a master at capturing that subtle balance between who women want to be and who women are and creating that elusive yet 'perfect' dress. The designer was born in Germany, and trained with the world’s top couturiers – Dior, Lacroix and Lanvin to name just a few – before settling in Rome to open his very own atelier in the Italian capital, a city that is home to fabled and timeless romantic spots like the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.

In his atelier, you will find no two same silhouettes, it is a wonder of imagination and workmanship that comes to life thanks to his team of highly skilled seamstresses who painstakingly cut and sew every drape, fold and seam strictly by hand, no detail is too small. This team is one of the pivotal components of the atelier and increasingly a rarity in an industrialised world. “My team is old and young. I need both. The old train the young and the young teach the old patience,” says the designer. It is they who along with the designer transform his pencil sketches (no computers here!) into breath-taking confections that are the stuff of dreams.

The vast majority of the fabrics used by the atelier are Italian-made pure silk, and lovingly selected for their weave or unique hand as well as their elegance. “A fabric is very important to give the gown the right shape and body. If you choose the wrong fabric, the most amazing idea is lost”, says Langner. The creation of a gown is a scrupulous process: once the fabric has been selected, it is draped around the mannequins to form a new shape, and slowly a dress is born thanks to the meticulous handiwork of magical and knowledgeable fingers.


As crucial as the dress, and sadly in modern times an afterthought, the veil is an exquisite key part of the whole, as important as the shoes or the bouquet. Traditionally worn to protect brides from evil spirits, Peter Langner’s veils impeccably 'frame' both the bride and her gown, in a gossamer-like cloud of weightless perfection without hiding her. “To create a new veil is a very delicate affair. You have to find the balance between beauty, delicacy and detail,” and whether you select a floor-length style trimmed in the finest Italian lace or a short 1950s-inspired version enriched with dainty beadwork, it is the perfect complement for a flawless bride.


Perhaps it is the designer’s obsession with his craft that leads to such exceptionally stunning bridal dresses. Speaking with LUXOS he said, “I try to dedicate every single thought to make the perfect gown,” and it shows. In Peter Langner’s atelier, the future bride will undoubtedly find The Dress, which will remain in her memories for a lifetime and once the big day is over and it is put carefully and lovingly away in its special box, she will invariably open it every now and again, to take a peek at her most beautiful dress and run her hands over the remarkable workmanship and sumptuous feel of her Peter Langner gown.

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