Top 5 colours for Easter

Say goodbye to your winter darks



As the last frosts gradually melt away and flowers start to bloom filling fields with minute daisies and jewel toned crocuses, we also start to shed our winter selves as we turn to the gentle warmth of the sun and relish the sight of reassuring blue skies. Nothing speaks of Easter more than colours do, and Mother Nature in her perfection tells us it’s time as she gifts us with spring rains and rainbows. Fashion naturally follows suit and this season the most wonderful collections are presented through a dynamic kaleidoscope, every nuance touched upon in an explosion of vibrancy.

The colour of passion and power, who does red better than Valentino? So much is this hue associated with the great couturier, that Valentino red has become part of everyday language and denotes a specific and unmistakable point on the colour scale. This season Valentino Red comes alive once again in a sumptuous leather trench coat, irresistible evening dresses in rich, sensual fabrics and exotic snakeskin clutch bags that are utterly Valentino.

The quintessence of summer, orange is warm and reassuring like the sun as well as having a regal edge to it. Loewe is celebrated the world over for its timeless bags in the finest Spanish leathers, as well as a ready to wear collection that speaks of the brand’s unique understanding of workmanship. This season, Loewe sent stunning styles down the runway in burnished orange suede including a masterfully tailored dress with hoodie, trench coats, blazers and long shorts that flatter as they caress the body with suede’s suppleness.

Orange’s sprightlier sister, yellow is endlessly joyful in its infinite spectrum, from daffodils to precious gold, it’s ultimate incarnation. And at eternally chic Dior the colour palette is a delightful cornucopia of the season’s key nuances, and plays with shades within shades, presenting a gamut of yellows from a striking metallic lemon cocktail top to a fluorescent yellow laser cut dress to the undeniably Dior quilted clutch in buttercup calfskin.

Few colours express the arrival of spring as green does and Burberry this season captures the essence of renewal with a selection of outerwear in a verdant spectrum. Don’t miss the ultra refined and chic trench coat in seductive emerald lace or the futuristic raincoat in asparagus hued metallic leather for the rock-chic urban princess and a unique textured leather bolero in chartreuse and bottle green that is the epitome of cool.

Pal Zileri plays with an entire range of blues this summer -one of nature’s most generous and glorious palettes - from the palest sky blue for classically tailored shirts to impeccably cut periwinkle linen blazers as well as a cobalt blue suede jacket that captures just the right combination of suave and sophisticated. Complemented by a range of tonal accessories from scarves to ties, the collection hits the perfect note for dapper gentlemen all over the world.