Kristina Ti - A micro/macro world

The fall/winter 2013-2014 women's collection

Only when observed through a microscope do micro details become magnified. Kristina Ti has found an escape from this rule through her creations (on the runway in Milan on 20 February 2013) and has portrayed a minute world through laser leather, macro pied de poule, tweed, lace, silk, houndstooth, jacquard and faux georgette that envelope the beautiful woman. Tones of electric blue, fir, peony, honey, ruby, pumpkin, and gravel are blended together to form a perfect harmony. The dark and light contrast each other in an unusual way that no microscope could make evident.

Flowers, grass, moss, and stones are portrayed through the patterns of the blouses, dresses, high waisted culottes, and camisoles displayed across a neutral color palette, interrupted by moments of brightness. Nature is further defined though dresses weaved in entirety of tricot, representing that of an elaborate cobweb.

From head to toe, Kristina redefines the micro to macro transformation in an abstract way that leads one to dwell on the boundless possibilities of recreation and fashion in our world. It will be interesting to see how the fashion shops interpret this new art in the upcoming seasons.

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